Free web hosting providers for both front-end & back-end applications

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Hey developers, I have created the list of free web hosting service providers that I have found in the past weeks!

hosting providers

Freemium Resources

Premium providers

  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Digitalocean
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Vultr
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Linode

Final thoughts

  • Use VERCEL for any front-end application as well as medium-level backend apps.

  • Use HEROKU for any level backend apps.

  • Other websites are also useful when you are deploying static sites. But I recommend you to go through each website and find which one suits your project.

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Sabarish Rajamohan's photo

Thanks much !! <3

Dinys Monvoisin's photo

Thank you for compiling such a list. Will definitely use it in the future. Don't you think it would have been best to write which one you will recommend?

Vuelancer's photo

Actually, I used each and every website and found what the website supports.

Static sites can be deployed on every website and all the websites are doing great.

For backend apps, only a few support like heroku, vercel, glitch, stormkit.

The recommendation will be heroku & vercel for any app!

Dinys Monvoisin's photo

Thanks Vuelancer. I feel that this comment is more useful.

Joseph Cooper's photo

KintoHub also provides databases :). MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, Redis and Cloud Storage (S3 compatible Minio)

Vuelancer's photo

I will use those resources when I deploy a nice app.

Lazar Nikolov's photo

Wow! Didn't know about some of these! Thanks for sharing this! This is bookmark worthy.

Vuelancer's photo

Thank you for comment! I deployed some projects in those websites and they are doing great! So anyone can use these providers without paying any money.